Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2023 How To Decorate Christmas Tree

Since, many years the need of online website for Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2023 to buzz How To Decorate Christmas Tree. It is need of the time and we search for the market gap. Everyone is free to get the advice. Just like there is a scheme of design your tree would be having, so is the particular style of color you would combine to decorate your Christmas tree and Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2023. It could be one color all through, like green, or red, and then it could be combinations of two or more colors, like white and pink, silver and red, white and pink, turquoise and aqua, red and gold, in short, it could be any combination of color.



Color scheme for your Christmas tree.

When you have finally chosen a particular color, or you are combining. Keep in mind, the color must be in tune with the color of the room you want to put your Christmas tree, of course, you don’t want your Christmas tree to look odd in the middle of the room. We will not share history of Christmas tree because someone else already did it perfectly.

Theme For your Christmas tree decoration

There are tons of theme ideas for a Christmas tree, and all you have to do is research properly and pick the one you love most. Examples of themes for your Christmas tree are;

  • Nature
  • Disney
  • Snowflakes
  • Angels
  • Peacock
  • Nutcrackers
  • Rustic

Or any other theme which suits you. Choosing a Christmas theme for some is a tradition, and for some people, it is not compulsory. If your Christmas tree is already congested and filled with ornaments and you feel you don’t want it to look noisy or rowdy, you can drop the idea of the theme.

Choice of Tree for Your Christmas

Technically, there are two types of tree; Artificial Trees and Fresh Trees and both can be used as a Christmas tree.

Real or Fresh trees for Christmas decoration

For people who would prefer to go traditional, a fully green tree or one which is fairly and partially flocked but not white all through is best advised.

If you are using a fresh Christmas tree, make sure it is in a location where it can be seen, like against a wall or in a corner where it will be the center of attraction.

Endeavour to water you fresh tree every day to keep it green and to stop it from turning brown.


Artificial tree for Christmas decoration

If you have chosen to use an Artificial Christmas tree for your decoration, make sure you adjust the branches of the tree in a vertical way to make sure they fill the holes, so the jointed section of the tree is not visible. Remember to confirm if each cluster of needles are straight and in place before you begin to decorate the tree.


Christmas Lights for Decoration and Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2023

If you are going to decorate your tree like a professional, it is advisable to put your Christmas lights first before hanging your ornaments and for the lights, use lights which do not blink or use white lights or clear lights.


Ensure you put the lights generously around your Christmas tree. To make it easy, string them in beads towards the trunk, then you string it outside towards the tips of each of the branches of the tree, not just around the outside.

A 100 mini lights per foot of the tree is the suggested minimum, but in another case, If you have a six tree, you must use nothing less than six hundred lights or six strands of light with a hundred light per strand.

If you prefer your Christmas tree to have a slight effect of sparkle, add one or two sets of blinking lights of white or clear lights all around the trunk of the entire tree only. You will want to employ the use of some Christmas lights with lots of functions with sparkling and twinkle effect which will work best on your Christmas tree.


You would want to combine some strands of lights which are fairly bigger than the smaller lights all through your Christmas tree for additional design interest. Lastly, be sure all your lights are working properly before you continue to move on to the next step.

Decorating your Christmas tree with Garlands

There are numerous ways to add garlands or ribbons to your Christmas tree when decorating it, for instance, add the garlands or ribbon beginning from the head of the Christmas tree to the base, tucking the garland into your Christmas tree about every two-foot along the way down.

Also, you can run the garland in a circular pattern around the outsides of your Christmas tree like a barber’s pole. The third option is to pass the garland in a circular pattern only around the trunk of the tree; this idea works best with grapevine, whether fresh or artificial. There are modern and newer designs of styling garlands, such as; floral mesh, poly deco mesh or deco mesh.


Decorating your Christmas tree using Ornaments

The ornaments you want to use to decorate your Christmas tree should correlate with the color you’ve chosen from the beginning. The majority chooses large ornaments over smaller ornaments when furnishing their Christmas tree and the reason is quite obvious; larger ornaments look better than the smaller ones.

Also, the height of the tree should be considered when contemplating whether to choose a large ornament or a smaller one. Multi-pack Christmas ornaments are also a great idea because it contains different styles of shapes, colors, in fact, not all the ornaments look the same.


You can use wire to attach the clusters of ornaments you’ve made by placing three groups of ornaments together and make them all into one Christmas tree ornaments. You can also make use of natural elements of nature to garnish or decorate your Christmas trees, such as feathers, pinecones, twigs and grapevine or natural elements which have been made artificial like ornaments which look like butterflies or birds.


Tree Topper Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree.

A tree-topper is an ornament too, one who finishes off the Christmas tree decorations. It is the first ornament which stands tall on the peak of the Christmas tree.

The tree topper could be many things, be it an artificial Santa, Angel, bow and a traditional star or anything else will be at the uttermost part of your Christmas tree.


Of course, you have your tree ready in place, so when proceeding to decorate your Christmas tree, the first and most important thing is the Lights! When choosing Christmas tree lights, color is an important aspect you must remember to consider; the lights come in different colors, shapes and styles; there are red or black or white or green or white bulbs, or in attached strands, the choice is yours.

It is most important which one chooses a color which matches the color of the tree because there are black or green trees, especially when you’re working with strand lights, choose the wire which will blend perfectly with your tree so which only the glowing lights will be seen.

Start the wiring from the base; ensure to wrap the wires around every branch Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2023, tip of leaves, trunk and the edges of the tree generously and you might as well pass the bulbs into the thick insides of the tree, thus illuminating your tree inside-out and now to crown it all and give your home the best Christmas light and love, never forget your golden starlight at the apex of the tree!


Speaking of garnishing your Christmas tree with beautiful and colorful lights which will spark up your night, here are some lights which are considered best!

– Bubble light: This retro light stands fixated straight up on the tip of your Christmas tree erect. Now, when the tube containing liquid on top of the lights start to warm up, bubbles begin to float up and down inside the tube, making it look like lava lamps on your Christmas tree.

– Globe light: This Christmas tree light is always around, and it comes in a variety of sizes. This light looks like-colored balls around the tree. The Globe light has a cool, soft and warm glow than the mini lights. Also, the illumination from the Globe lights spread over a considerable area on the tree.

– Traditional incandescent lights: These Christmas tree lights are the most popular types of Christmas tree light, and they come in various shapes and colors. They work best on real trees, and they illuminate the branch of the tree which when warm, releases a pine scent into the entire room, spicing up the cold atmosphere!

– LED lights: These Christmas tree lights are modern and newer than traditional incandescent lights, and they don’t emit heat. They’re typically expensive. They are considered the safest to decorate a Christmas tree with because they are fireproof,

To get the best and satisfying result, it is advised to experiment with different lighting methods and examples until you find the one which pleases and warms your heart most. It’s okay to mix lights together!


For example, a background of clear lights or white or a plain light can be toned with highlighted strands of different colored lights which are wired around the outer part of the Christmas tree.


There are no bound rules which apply to furnish your Christmas tree with glands but to steer clear of the branches of your Christmas tree getting tangled with draping garlands, it is advisable to begin from the top of the tree and then you tune up the amount of garland between each ridge as you work around the branches. It is also advisable to use just two strands of garlands when giving the vertical foot of your tree some beautiful touches.


You will want to avoid a congested look on your Christmas tree, so, furnish your tree with different types of garlands from fancy to plain. The thin, beaded garlands are the ones which look best when they are hung from branch to branch; also, foil garlands or thicker paper ribbon look best when wrapped loosely or left to dangle around the entire Christmas tree.


When using beads to decorate your Christmas tree, you would need to start from the very top, and for you to be able to decorate it well effectively, you would need access to the upper part of the tree, so you get a stool and set it next to the tree.

Once you’re comfortable on the stool, but the end of one bead string into the top center of your Christmas tree, at approximately four inches from the top of your Christmas tree, then you wrap the end around a near branch once or twice to make sure it can’t fall off, and you must make sure which the end of the bead-string is not seeable from the outside of the Christmas tree.

With bead fixed to the top of the tree properly, allow the bead string to fall loosely down the tree then wrap it in a spiral motion around the tree, spacing each spiral at approximately eight-inch intervals.

Now, return to the beginning and drape the bead string in between the branches of the tree after wrapping the beaded string around the tree the second or third time. This automatically keeps will give a more pleasant and pleasing effect visually, rather than having just a square spiral pattern all over the tree.

Continue to wrap the beaded string around the tree. You can begin by spacing the spiral loops at small intervals after having passed the top third part of the tree. The spaces between the spirals can now be reduced to six inches.

When you’re done, tuck the end of the bead string into the center-bottom of the tree so which it won’t be seeable.

Now, to be sure you’re done a good job, stand back and look at your Christmas tree, observe any mistake which might ruin your decoration. Make adjustments to the bead string if you find any. Lastly, if you feel it’s not okay, consider adding more drapes.


The ribbon is also a popular substitute for a garland. The patterned ribbon which is loosely wrapped widely around the Christmas tree in horizontal bands. To spice the design up, make big bows from the same ribbons you’ve been using all along and then hang them on the tip of the branches of the tree.


Now, juicing it all up, use the ribbon in a vertical position on the Christmas tree, thus creating falling or cascading streams or waterfalls of colorful ribbon from the top of your Christmas tree to the base. Remember to tuck the ends of the ribbon under your tree topper and secure around the trunk at the bottom of the tree.


Using ornaments as part of your ingredients when decorating your Christmas tree is very important and cute too! This process requires a careful hand because it’s at this point you want to hang all your beautiful jewels on your Christmas tree. Expertise is advised so as to place these items in the best place. You have lots of ornaments alright, but then, so you can choose the best and what will not ruin your tree, place them in important parts on your tree and then step back to observe and then you remove excess or adjust the ornaments.

Speaking of making adjustments to the ornaments you’ve placed in certain places on your Christmas tree, you would want to hang the bigger and larger ornaments first, with enough space between them as you fill your Christmas tree with them. Then you attach smaller ornaments to the larger ones for more beauty and warmth of love during Christmas. Ensure which some ornaments are purposely placed close to the trunk of the tree to create interest and depth.

Add the finishing touch to your decoration by adding some special items like icicles or clip-on ornaments.


Not everyone can afford or has the permission to keep a huge, illuminating tree in their living rooms and so, which is why we have miniature Christmas tree; a portable, stress-free and easy to decorate the tree. These miniature Christmas trees miniature can be placed on kitchen tables, bedroom, office, gardens, on shelves and minibars.


Decorating a miniature Christmas tree is not as rigorous as decorating a huge Christmas tree, but then, it requires precise and focused decorations.

Because the miniature Christmas tree can be placed in technically almost anywhere, there are certain designs which fit for every location.

Using bird ornaments to decorate your miniature Christmas tree looks cute and breathtaking, especially when you attach a little bird nest and the little ornaments you’ve put in place would serve as the eggs!

And of course, you can use ribbons when beautifying your miniature Christmas tree. This works well, especially when you’re going all “Beach-Themed Miniature Christmas Tree” where you use ribbons to tie shells to your miniature Christmas tree.

Fabric flowers and plastic shapes of different Christmas items are pleasant decorators for a miniature tree too.

The miniature Christmas tree can be costumed or themed in any way you want;

– Boughs and Jars- where you fill a clean jar with water and put a pine bough and cypress and decorate it with any ornament of your choice.

– Rustic Decoration- Here you place a worn potato chip in a pail decorated with some glass ornaments

– Classy miniature Christmas decoration- Here you hang grey hearts on the small pine tree in a black pot. The tree is laced with twine.

– Nestle a miniature on a sleigh – Here, you place two small miniature Christmas tree which are of different sizes on a vintage sleigh with decorations which suits you.


Adding a topper to your ornaments when decorating your Christmas tree is a very important aspect which one cannot afford to omit or forget. The Topper is the ornament which stays fixated on the uppermost of your Christmas tree.

The kind of Topper you want to use depends on the theme your Christmas tree is decorated and designed by, but nevertheless, here are some superb choices of beautiful Christmas tree Topper:


  • A crown or Tiara
  • Rustic Tree Topper
  • A Cluster of Flowers
  • A large snowflake
  • Angel Tree Topper
  • A star
  • Go the Elf Way
  • An artificial bird
  • Give a Cottage Feel To Your Tree
  • A Christian cross
  • An artificial flower
  • Glitter Ball Cone Tree Topper
  • Paper Christmas tree Topper
  • Wooden Star
  • Star Yarn Topper
  • A Giant Bow Tree Topper
  • Burlap Tree Topper
  • Wooden crosses
  • Snowman’s Hat
  • Starburst Tree Topper
  • Owl Tree Topper
  • Sweet Pink Candy Topper
  • Whimsical Christmas tree Star
  • Upcycled Angel Topper
  • Pinecone Tree Topper
  • Use Twigs as Topper
  • Sheer Bow Topper
  • Peacock Topper
  • Santa’s Hat for Topper


Having your mesh ribbon prepared and readied, the first thing you do is squeeze it properly to make it compact. Now, the process can be tiring and tedious initially, but I assure you on the long run, which you will get it eventually.

Now wrap the squeezed meshed around a beginning from the base at the back of the tree. There is no necessarily a particular rule or guideline which states which you have to start from the bottom or the top of the tree. There are no laid down rules which state whether there is a wrong or right way to do it.

Create a poof of about twelve to sixteen inches and squeeze into a scrunch once again and then wrap a branch around it carefully. Now scrunch and wrap it all-around your Christmas tree. If you wish to spice it up, you can move the mesh closer together if you would prefer it which way.

If you decide to combine smaller mesh, cut it and wrap it around a branch to make some poofs and you’ll get amazing and beautiful curls which will melt your heart away!

Now, with all set and good, it is time to add ornaments. It is advisable, to begin with, the inside of the tree, decorating with the bigger ornaments first. The glittering colored balls are good for adding a few sparkly touches.

If you wish to add any of your favorite ornaments, now will be the best time to do which.

After you have added all the ornament and balls and lights and every glistering thing and you still feel like it’s not enough, consider adding some shiny berries, glittering colored bulbs, and stars, or whatever appeases to you.


There are numerous styles for your Christmas tree, and we will be discussing a few,

  • Easy Felt Ruffle Tree Skirt

This skirt design for Christmas tree is easy to make even though it still requires little expertise. It is angelic and elegant and very professional. The ruffles are just folds, not some hard task decoration which will take all day or be very tiring and the decorative trim is made from felt, not the usual fabric. It is truly a glamorous skirt design for your Christmas tree.

  • Handprint Christmas tree Skirt

The Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt is a non-traditional because it will be covered in different colors of handprints with tassels at the tip.

  • Easy Dresden Tree Skirt

Now, the Easy Dresden Christmas Tree skirt is somewhat traditional because it is made from shiny and sparkling folds of fabrics of combinations of colors like green and red which will stick out to points at the tip of the edges.

  • No-Sew Ruffled Christmas tree Skirt

The No-Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt is truly an impressive and beautiful pattern of skirt considering its white and red design. Ruffles are actually quite simple folds of fabric, so while it may take some time to be join-able to all the layers completely, it will surely turn out to be easier than you expect certainly because the result is certainly worth the entire work you’ve done.

White Christmas Tree Skirt with Fabric Circles

This is certainly a glamorous white Christmas tree skirt just as the name implies. The white circles combine a spectacular and elegant effect of a snowball to the entire design to make it more beautiful.

  • Felt Leaves Tree Skirt

This skirt is quite complex and requires to confirm expertise to produce a good result. Now, some leaves are cut out of the same fabric and strung in some twisted yarns. The yarn is then tied on the inside of the edged which has been scalloped at the edge.

  • No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

The No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt is a three-tiered and three-coloured, and it is easy to make because the only thing you need to do is make three pieces of scalloped fabric and then place them under your Christmas tree and it does not even need any sewing if you use tree support to hold it’s layers.

  • Teal, Red And White Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt

The ruffled Tree skirt design is quite easy to create just like the first one highlighted earlier because it does not pack a larger and bigger bunch and which is because the style in this Christmas tree skirt design has patterned layers and teal ones instead of plain white and red design.

  • Large Colorful Circle Felt Tree Skirt

The green tree skirt decoration has a funny type of look when it is completed due to the design of felt colourful designs towards the edge. This design is truly very easy to make as it requires no rigorous process nor does it require trained personnel or any expertise; it is a skirt design for Christmas tree decoration which leaves a different touch and looks on the entire design.

  • Glitter Snowflake Tree Skirt

This type of Christmas tree skirt is the very precise picture of a White Christmas, and fortunately, it’s a very simple design on its own, but then it is tapped at the edge by glitter-covered snowflakes or home-made white fabric which will give the skirt a special sparkle.

  • Decorating your Christmas Tree on a Budget

One of the most effective way of beautifying your Christmas experience and making it one to always tell about while on a budget is by making your Christmas decorations yourself. It requires a lot of creativity on your own part, though.

Start by making some felt ornaments for your Christmas tree decorations yourself. After you have chosen your theme by which you will design your Christmas tree, draw out your tree on a paper and make enough copies in different papers by redrawing multiple times until you’re sure you’re satisfied with what you’ve created literally. Now, get cardboard, a colourful one or some thick papers of different colors depending on the choice of color relating to your theme, draw your ornaments and your artificial elements on it on your preferred size and shape. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve drawn, get a stencil and carefully and slowly cut them out to ensure which you are making no mistake which can ruin the entire work and cause you to start all over. You can input some personal ornamental shapes into your drawings too! Just make sure you’re pleased with what you have made.

After having cut out all the magnificent and beautiful shapes and ornamental patterns, first compare it to the drawing you’ve scribbled in different places and when you’re okay with it, get a marker, draw some happy faces or write some lovely notes on this cut-outs or whatever it is which you wish to write on it and when you’re done, proceed to getting your Christmas tree then carefully begin to hang your cut-outs with a small pin to the branches and trunks of your tree till you’re really pleased.

There are of course some places which wouldn’t work with pins so you would have to use glue to make sure your ornament is securely stuck to the tree so it wouldn’t fall off at the long run.

Now, to sum it all up, get some Christmas songs and play a song which will warm up your house and your heart until the end of the cold season.